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Hello! Welcome to Happy Brain Bakeshop.

I have always loved creating in the kitchen but didn't realize it was “something special” until I started baking for friends and clients and saw how happy it made them. 


At first blush I thought it may just be polite words, but time after time the enthusiasm grew and I became addicted to seeing that spark in someone’s eyes when they saw (and even bigger smile once they tasted) these homemade desserts. 


Happy Brain Bakeshop was founded with the goal to share happiness through every bite. I wanted the experience to feel thoughtful from start to finish. All my baked goods are made to order and get my full attention. Each order arrives in premium packaging that makes these delicious desserts a perfect gift option for loved ones, clients and anyone who you want to feel special.


Let Happy Brain Bakeshop take you on a journey from your mouth to your brain. Each bite is satisfying, but always leaves you wanting more!


Thank you for your love and support. I couldn’t do it without you.



Kristen Kamei

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